• Futa's Fine Arts Collection

  • Posted on February 15, 2021
  • Baryn Futa has spent much of his time in recent years learning more about the fine arts. This is a task that is worthy of a great deal of time and for him the more he learned the more he wanted to learn. He has a voracious appetite for learning about the fine arts—but this was certainly not always the case.

    You see, Baryn Futa might be extremely knowledgeable about the arts today, but he did not actually know that he loved the arts until after his retirement. He was older before he actually got involved in art collecting and patronizing. He volunteered at the Denver Art Museum, which sparked his interest in learning about the arts. He was soon devouring any educational material about the fine arts that he could. This includes attending art museums, going to art classes, and eagerly picking his way through art fairs. Today, Baryn Futa is a member of a number of high profile museums, including the Guggenheim and the Jewish Museum.

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