• Baryn Futa Recognizes How Large Of A Role Art Plays In The Society

  • Posted on March 23, 2016
  • Art is a way for people to express unique viewpoints. In the absence of serious pieces of art, there would also be a lack of perspectives in our society. Art often says what people cannot, by evoking a sense of injustice, anger, tragedy, or irony. The ability to say something that cannot be conveyed any other way is part of what makes art powerful.

    Many people will chuckle at that last part, but art is most definitely powerful. Virtually everyone relies on art in one way or another, though most do not acknowledge that fact. Baryn Futa is one individual who recognizes how large of a role art plays in our society. That is why he is a benefactor to dozens of successful or up-and-coming artists. Baryn Futa has put significant time, money, and effort into supporting artists that he believes in.

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